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Who am I?

I'm Dave Hoffman, a teacher and a very concerned citizen. I have home-schooled my children, administered and taught in several Christian schools, run an accounts payable department, and supervised a returns department at a book, Bible, and music publishing company. I have a B.A. and a B.S. with my teacher's certificate (and formerly a administrator's certificate). I also have a Master of Administration degree, a Master of Religious Education degree, and a Master of Divinity degree. I currently teach prisoners, so they can get their G.E.D. diploma. 

Finally, and most importantly, I love Arizona and I love America. I want us to return to our founding principles. Arizona's state motto is Ditat Deus-God enriches. The preamble to our constitution says, "We the citizens of the State of Arizona, grateful to Almighty God for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution". I want to see Christianity, the Constitution, and Arizona to be great again!!!


What do I believe?

* The Bible is God's Word !!!

* The Declaration of Independence is based on Biblical principles.

* The Constitution is a check and balance system to help assure the  government gives us our      God-given liberties.

* Total School Choice

* Human Life begins at Conception and ends at Natural Death.

* Religious Freedom for all, including Christianity (which is what our  nation was founded on).

* People are to control the government, versus the government controlling  people.

* Medical Freedom to use Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.                   

* Build the Wall and Deploy the National Guard to stop illegal immigration.

* Major Prison Reform

* Deal with Homelessness

* Help Restore intact families with Fathers in the Home.

* Give the people of Arizona information and that information must be the truth!

With this in mind, I want to see the Legislative Branch pass the following proposals and then I will sign them in to law:

My 27 Legislative Proposals

First of all, I don't see anyone talking about these proposals, so after much thought and prayer, I decided I needed to try and change the direction that Arizona and America are going, so I decided to get my ideas implemented through a run for governor. 

Secondly, I assure you that I will not only talk about these items, but I will push for the state legislature to pass them (we have 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution and our Founding Fathers listed 27 usurpations of our God-given rights in our Declaration of Independence), so here we go with my 27 Legislative Proposals. We must all be reminded that the Legislative Branch makes the laws and the Executive Branch enforces the laws they make:

Therefore, I want to see...

1. Arizona to be a Constitutional State.

2. Total School Choice-Home School or any school the parents decide to have their children attend.

3. No State Income Tax

4. No Property Tax

5. Zero Base Line Budgeting-all programs must justify themselves each year and that means showing their constitutionality and usefulness. This will also include an independent audit that is made public each year.

6. No Abortions, Infanticides (killing of babies right after birth), or Euthanasia anywhere in our state!!!.

7. Marriage to only be between 1 biological man and 1 biological woman. The Arizona Constitution already says marriage is between a man and a woman (Article 30, Section 1), but we need to explain it with biological with no homosexual or transgender marriage. 

8. Prison Reform-Objectively verifiable programs and work assignments (inmates stay on a job for at least 1 year) reducing sentences by 5 to 10% for each one. Mandate religious/special speakers to speak at least once a month in all Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation facilities: Chuck Colson rightly stated that the ability to permanently change an individual does not come from politics, but from the Gospel.

9. No mandates for vaccines or masks, and no government closures of businesses or schools. No person should be forced to provide their vaccination status. No business will be allowed to operate here that forces people to disclose their vaccination status and inmates will not be forced to get vaccinated to have visits, a job, or any other program.

10. As governor, I will Veto all bills that violate the Arizona and/or U.S. Constitutions. Bills are to only address single issues with no pork, earmarks, or special favors. 

11. Finish the wall along our border with Mexico, and until then, deploy (our 5,000 Arizona National Guard troops) and keep them there.

12. 2% fee (or the like) on investment properties - taken from the sales price or a one time fee based on the property tax valuation, beyond one investment property (this will help fund education with the abolishment of property taxes).

13. Incentives for private companies, churches, and other religious groups that deal with Homelessness and Fatherlessness. According to the Arizona Department of Economic Security report for 2019 we had 62,565 people homeless in Arizona. That is unacceptable. This can be done through job training, accommodations, and life-skills training at places like Gospel Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, etc.

14. Fund college for those taking vocational classes (excluding any social justice, critical race theory, or similar classes) with a 3.0 or higher GPA (based on the need for those jobs), or if someone passes an objectively verifiable test for home schoolers.

15. No puppy mills or factory farms-treat animals humanely.

16. Due process for all employees.

17. Term limits for House and Senate members. I will only serve 1 term, even though the governor has a 2 term limit already in place.

18. Limit executive orders by the governor, to enforcing laws, not making them.

19. Nobody is above the law or below the law. For example, if there is someone accused of rape, all possible perpetrators (anyone who could have been involved) will be given a DNA test: Citizen, Government official, and the Police. 

20. Increase prison sentences for sex/human trafficking, and those found guilty of such are not eligible for reduced sentencing.

21. Strengthen laws for citizens to be able to defend themselves and stop the prosecution of people defending themselves. We are a Second Amendment State!

22. Ban Dominion Voting Machines or Smartmatic Machines from ever being used in our state again and perform a full forensic audit on every election. We must have 1 person, 1 vote and have complete election integrity. Also, we will have no early voting, no ballot harvesting, or ballots being counted after election day. An ID and signature verification will be required for mail in ballots. The only mail in ballots that will be sent out are those that have been requested.

23. At birth, a babies sex is male or female, therefore, this will always be put on the birth certificate and be solely based on the child's anatomical makeup.

24. Ban transgender operations for children and stop school funding for any school engaged in transgender counseling. Also, no school funding for schools that have transgender bathrooms.

25. Ban any tax idea being implemented on the miles we drive.

26. Audit all Legislators (start with the governor-I don't have any funding, as I believe a candidate should be able to run for office primarily on their ideas and qualifications) for campaign finance reform and accountability issues. 

27. Law and Order-No defunding of police, no sanctuary cities, or the like.

Finally, I would like to propose a Truth Amendment to the Arizona and U.S. Constitutions.

Section 1: The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to be given the whole truth in regards to their dealings and interactions with the Government and agents thereof, and entities regulated by and/or granted immunity by the Government, that may in any way affect the citizen's life, liberty, or property, shall not be infringed in any way, except in cases relevant to previously declared national security matters.

Section 2: This right extends to, without limitations, all interactions relevant to: courts, arrests, detention, incarceration, confiscation, compensation, taxation, remuneration, benefits, health care, private property, progeny, education, and the like.

Section 3: This right is deemed a Constitutionally guaranteed protected vested right by all State and Federal Government entities and the agents, officers, and employees thereof.

Section 4: Congress, or the State Legislature, shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

See Arizona Constitution Article II, Section 38, Clauses

Also, thanks to Romero for governor of Oregon for some of the above ideas.

As governor, I will give State of the State addresses on a weekly basis (or more often), to discuss how we are doing on these and other issues.

Therefore, I would like to announce my candidacy for governor of Arizona. Why am I announcing here and not with a slick ad, TV appearance, or in a major rally? The reason is because I hope to show that somebody can run for a major political office without accepting any donations or running any ads, but they can be a viable candidate based on their ideas and qualifications. 

You might be asking, but are you even qualified to run for governor? Or, what chance do you even have of running without asking for money. Well the answer according to the political establishment is that I'm a nobody and I have no chance of winning (when I asked they said you can't win without money). 

Then you might ask, Why run? I want to show that it can be done. By running for governor, I hope to change the political system. Maybe in the future, we will have debates, town halls, radio and TV interviews with all the people that express interest, and have properly registered, and not just have them with those that are rich and famous. It sounds like an impossible task, but I/we will never know if we don't try:)

The  other main reason I am running is because I have policies and issues that I support that I don't hear anybody talking about (see the 27 legislative issues above). Also, I just produced a video (you can find it on GETTR, my U-Tube channel, or on Facebook), that shares 5 things that make me a unique candidate (there are more than that, but the video starts with 5). They are: Total School Choice, Prison Reform, Homelessness, Fatherlessness, and Taxes. 

Another big reason to run for governor is that I don't see any state handling Covid-19 as I would do it. I want all Arizonans to be able to have access to Hydroxycloroquine and Ivermectin. I also want to promote each of us strengthening our immune systems through: Zinc, Selenium (best found in Brazil nuts), Vitamins C, D-3, and E, Also, through exercise and a relationship with our Creator.